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Increase the lifespan of all your exterior wrought iron and metal surfaces

Wrought iron and metal surface restoration service

Wrought iron staircases and fences are true landmarks of Montreal’s scenery. But with time and Quebec’s weather conditions, these architectural elements are bound to begin to rust and become damaged. 

CREO Peinture therefore offers a metal surface and wrought iron maintenance and restoration service throughout the island of Montreal. Our experienced painters can give your wrought iron elements a new life to enhance your home’s charm.

A turnkey maintenance and restoration service to prepare your ironwork for Quebec's climate

Metal and wrought iron surfaces can be difficult to maintain due to the harsh Quebec climate.

This is why CREO Peinture offers maintenance and restoration of wrought iron that decorates your property. We can increase the lifespan of wrought iron outside your home by preparing it adequately for the weather.

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Wrought iron structure restoration

  • Complete restoration of your damaged wrought iron
  • Includes complete cleaning and finishing of the surfaces to be restored

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Standard wrought iron maintenance

  • Includes wrought iron finish sanding always with the CREO touch
  • Ideal to prepare your iron structures before winter

Want to make sure that your wrought iron structures will last a long time?

CREO Peinture offers a complete metal surface and wrought iron restoration service. 

Key expertise for your wrought iron restoration work

Some wrought iron structures may have suffered more damage than others. In some cases, simple maintenance may be enough to restore these surfaces. In others, a complete stripping may be required. 

At CREO Peinture, we will always offer you a restoration solution adapted to your needs. Whether you need to refresh a spiral staircase or a wrought iron fence, our experts are there for you. 

You can also count on us for any other type of  exterior painting work.

A metal maintenance process that provides an optimal finish

Our wrought iron restoration and maintenance process has been carefully designed for an optimal end result:

  • Removing rust using sanding machines equipped with polishers
  • Wiping rust dust with acetone or paint thinner so that the following coats adhere better
  • Applying one or more coats of rust protection 
  • Applying finishing paint on the wrought iron surface

These steps are essential to restore or give your home’s wrought iron structures an elegant look.

application peinture image

Spray paint application for an industrial-grade finish

Spray painting is the best technique for professional results. Our specialized painters know how to use this method with precision to give you an industrial-grade result.  We also use spray painting for our house siding painting and outdoor wood maintenance services.

Interested in our wrought iron restoration and maintenance services?

Want to know more about our wrought iron and metal surface maintenance and restoration services in the Greater Montreal area? Contact us today for a free quote!