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We can give a second life to your outdoor wood with our maintenance and restoration techniques

Outdoor wood maintenance and restoration services

Shutters, railings and stairs, decks: outdoor wood structures can become dull and lose their shine over time. CREO Peinture offers a complete outdoor wood maintenance and restoration service to revive any type of woodwork.

Using our expertise in the field, we offer you a customized restoration solution that will not only improve the look of your woodwork, but also its durability.

A service that brings your outdoor wood surfaces back to life

Our outdoor wood restoration and maintenance service in Montreal is for owners who want to give a second life to their wooden front door as well as for those who want to do standard maintenance on their balcony or staircase. 

No matter your project, we offer you the best process to protect, enhance and bring your wood surfaces back to life.

restauration boiserie icone

Complete wood restoration

  • Includes complete stripping of wood surfaces to be restored.
  • Woodwork refinishing through the use of high quality paints or stains.

service entretien bois icone

Standard outdoor wood maintenance service

  • Includes sanding for the finishing of wood surfaces.
  • Ideal for the regular maintenance of your outdoor woodwork.

Contact CREO Peinture for a complete outdoor wood restoration and maintenance service in Montreal.

Our professional painters will give your woodwork a new life.

Wood restoration service suitable for
old woodwork and new surfaces

A front door, a pergola or a wooden railing adds a lot of character to a house, but the condition of the house may deteriorate over time. 

To restore the elegance of your woodwork, our professional painters can bring it back to its former glory

We can also paint your home’s exterior or maintain your most recent wood surfaces, such as your balconies or patio, to ensure their long-term durability.

entretenir surfaces image

The importance of
wood surface
maintenance for their durability

Wood is a durable building material, provided it is well maintained. Without maintenance, both natural and engineered wood are at risk of absorbing moisture and warping. It will therefore be necessary to replace it, which is much more expensive than regular maintenance.  Our wood restoration and maintenance service increases your wood’s service life. We use the best exterior wood paints and stains to offer you a beautiful and durable end product.  We also offer wrought iron maintenance and house siding painting services for a complete turnkey service.

Interested in our outdoor wood maintenance and restoration services?

Would you like us to take care of your outdoor wood maintenance or restoration work in Montreal? Contact us for a free quote!