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A simple and unique way to bring your home up to date at a fraction of the replacement cost!

House siding
painting services

Want to give your home’s exterior a new look? Your garage door is still functional, but its paint has seen better days? 

CREO Peinture offers exterior house siding painting services in the Greater Montreal area to help you renew any type of surface outside your home. 

With our equipment and expertise, your siding will keep its appearance and be durable for years to come!

Painting work that makes all types of house siding durable

Time, climate and daily wear and tear are just some of the factors that can affect the durability of your home’s siding. You can restore your house siding to its original condition and improve its durability with our exterior siding painting service.

Painting house siding is also a much faster, more efficient and cost-effective solution than replacing it.

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Paint on any type of surface

  • Entrance doors
  • Garage doors
  • Window frames
  • Soffits
  • Fascias
  • Etc.

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High quality coating assured

  • High quality coatings adapted to Quebec's diverse climate.
  • Well prepared surfaces to offer the best possible result.
  • Several colours available for a perfect match.

Would you like get your home's exterior back in good condition?

CREO Peinture offers a painting service adapted to all types of house sidings!

We can paint all types of surfaces, from aluminum to engineered wood

Our equipment and expertise allows us to paint several types of surfaces, including:
 Aluminum siding, Vinyl siding, Brick, Stucco, Engineered wood, Fibro-cement, Etc.

Whether you need to repaint doors, window frames or your home’s siding,
CREO Peinture will give them a beautiful and durable finish!

Thorough site preparation to protect your property before painting

Just like with our other exterior painting and interior painting services, our painters always make sure that the surfaces to be repainted are well prepared and that all other nearby belongings are protected. Masking is essential for any spray painting project. Your doors, windows, cars and surfaces to be avoided will therefore be well protected for the duration of the work. If needed, we also sand every square inch of the surfaces to be painted and make the necessary repairs for the best finish.
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Painting your house siding: an efficient and affordable renovation solution

Renovation work can take weeks, especially when replacing exterior siding. Why complicate your life when repainting gives you the same results at a fraction of the cost?  We guarantee that our house siding painting service will deliver results that meet your expectations.  Do you have other exterior surfaces to restore? See how we can help you with our wrought iron restoration and woodwork maintenance services.

Interested in our house siding painting services?

Interested in our house siding painting service for your residential projects in the Greater Montreal area? Contact us for a free quote!